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Butterfly Space is a non-profit community lodge, which provides a unique space for travellers, volunteers and our community to enjoy while supporting projects both on and off-site. The owners, friends who met in Malawi, bought Butterfly Space intending to develop a community hub to encourage ethical volunteering and provide educational, informational, practical and creative opportunities. This space is respectful of the environment with a focus on sustainability and green initiatives and offers a diverse range of projects and opportunities to both local and international volunteers or interns.

Chosen as Lonely Planet’s ‘Top Pick’ for accommodation in Nkhata Bay in the latest edition of Southern Africa, the lodge was highlighted for its picturesque beauty and providing a getaway for all guests to enjoy. The non-profit status allows guest to help us financially support the diverse community projects which have successfully provided opportunities and brought together travelers and the community for over twelve years. We are excited to have also been featured on MalawiTourism.com!

Offering stunning, yet affordable accommodation, guests can enjoy secluded lakeside chalets made from local materials, dormitories, a naturally shaded lakeside campsite, bar, private beach, and restaurant overlooking the lake. 

Butterfly Space Eco Lodge, Nkhata Bay Accommodation, Malawi, volunteering, accommodation, guest house
Butterfly Space Eco Lodge, Nkhata Bay Accommodation, Malawi, volunteering, accommodation, guest house

On-site, there is a lively youth club, information centre, recording studio, media centre and gym, all of which are open to the community free of charge. Projects off-site include permaculture school clubs (MSPC), a thriving international primary school called Stepping Stones, Mphamba disability skill-sharing centre, HIV support groups and more. See the projects page for more info.

Getting involved in volunteering is free of charge; volunteers only pay for the services they use while staying at Butterfly Space non-profit lodge which helps to financially support our projects. The lodge also welcomes guests wishing to kick back, relax and enjoy the lake.


The Team

After bumping into each other in a nearby backpacker lodge in Nkhata Bay, Alice and Josie became friends through their love for the extraordinary country that is Malawi. Alice had a passion for youth and art projects and with Josie’s ideas for information and gardening related projects, they had a common desire to incorporate these ideas into a community space that opened up opportunities to many.
They realised that Butterfly would make the perfect setting for bringing volunteers and the community together to create  opportunities for local people living in Nkhata Bay, and this became their aspiration when they bought the lodge not long after in May 2007.
Years on, the team and the projects have expanded, so there is always a friendly face at Butterfly to welcome volunteers and guests, and of course loads to get involved in if you choose!

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