The very first community project at Butterfly was the establishment of Gulugufe nursery school which is only 1km away from the lodge. It has been successfully running for 11 years now. Some of the first children attending have remained with us for their whole educational provision and will be graduating to secondary schools in 2020/21
Through various fundraising efforts and the hard work from volunteers at Butterfly, we have since established three other nursery schools: Chingaluwe, Dindano and Mpamba. Dindano is 4km away from the lodge and Mpamba 10km. At the beginning of the academic year in 2019 we are also planning to open a nursery class at one of our other successful projects, Stepping Stones Primary School.
The opportunities for volunteers to work in our nurseries are varied and depend on time restraints and commitment. We invite people with full qualification or just an interest or love of young children and to people who can offer an hour’s visit each day to play games, or a years teaching, and anything in between.
Our nurseries have approximately 35 children in each aged 2-6years. They have 2 rooms to accommodate the younger and older children from 8am -12 noon Monday to Friday. All have Malawian teachers who speak English who can interpret or you can assist them with activities.
We provide each child with a nutritious bowl of porridge daily. The nursery schools are adequately resourced but we always need to replenish.
Volunteers in the nursery schools can teach the full preschool education through play, songs, creative activities, games, crafts or make resources to enable the aforesaid. They might maintain and repair the current buildings, paint murals or the inside walls or run gardening projects in the school ground. The essentials are to make learning fun and enjoy being in the educational process of early years children.
Nurseries always need:
Paints, craft items, coloured paper, books, chalks, educational games and toys.

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