Volunteer Reviews

Below are reviews we collected from people who volunteered at Butterfly Space within the last few months:

Before my boyfriend and I started our trip to travel across Africa, I knew I wanted to volunteer somewhere but I didn’t know where. During our adventure across East Africa I met a lot of other travelers who informed me of their experiences which were without a doubt eye opening. I say ‘eye opening’ because I had no idea of the many organizations out there which charge a huge amount to volunteer. It became clear that many of the other volunteer places across Africa weren’t putting the volunteers’ money to good use which frustrated me. But, I always said, if we came across the right people then we would help them.

When we arrived in Nkhata Bay, I was quickly told about Butterfly Space and the good they were doing for the community. As soon as I met Alice and Josie, I knew that they had built the projects not out of greed but out of their big hearts to try to help the local community in Nkhata Bay. This was without a doubt why we decided to stay at Butterfly for two months to contribute what we could. I was informed that Alice needed a teacher to teach a few hours a day at Little Leapers Primary School which was such a delight, as the ten children I taught had the most beautiful hearts and were eager to learn. We put on a school circus one day to an audience which went down really well and will be a memory that will always stay with me.

One of the great aspects about Butterfly Space is the other volunteers and the guests. It was lovely to meet other people who were like minded and we all got on so well. Every week we would put on a pub quiz which brought in a big crowd and we always had so much fun together. There is also a small ex-pat community in Nkhata Bay who we got to know really well and hung out together on numerous occasions.

The food is amazing here, with the chefs Friday, Mary, Algus and William all doing a brilliant job. Our room was perfect too with a great balcony to sit and watch the sunset. Alice and Josie are really friendly and it’s been nice to really get to know them these last few months. Alice’s children are also a huge delight and lovely to be around. The staff are also very friendly and I’ve met a lot of people from various projects including Patel from the sewing group who mended my clothing and made me brand new items to the lovely massage ladies and some of the ladies from the FAWN’s group.

All in all, I’ve had a great time and I’ve learnt a lot about Malawi and the great projects Butterfly have opened up to the community. I think if I had more time here then I would have also liked to work on the project Mpamba Vocational Training Group. I was lucky enough to go there one day with Alice and we had a great day visiting the group and seeing what their plans were for this new project which is so exciting for the future.

Annabel, 31, from the UK.


I really enjoyed my time at Butterfly Space. I taught at little leapers school which I found a really rewarding experience – the kids are pretty special and while challenging, I would recommend it to anyone! The atmosphere at the lodge is friendly and everyone has a chat about their day around the dinner table.  The food is tasty and there is a lively bar to hang out in when your not busy during the day. Not to mention, the lake is stunningly beautiful – an afternoon swim should be mandatory! All in all there are many interesting projects to get involved with, however, what makes all the difference at Butterfly Space, is the fact that you can help the community without being charged an arm a leg by a foriegn company for the priveledge!

Stephen, 35, from Australia.


I was met by Alice and the rest of Butterfly crowd and immediately felt at home. The position of the lodge, a 15 minute walk on the outskirts of Nkhata Bay, is stunning and the relaxed vibe makes a welcome break from the trials of the road. Butterfly has a large number of projects going on, which means there is something for everyone. I taught in the school for a few weeks and helped with a number of irrigation projects. Teaching in the school was a really rewarding experience, I learned a lot and enjoyed getting to know the kids.
Jack, 27, from the UK.


I am currently a week into my stay here at butterfly and its been busy – helping out at little leapers, coaching football and helping with some grounds maintenance..butterfly space is a fantastic environment in which to stay, its fairly basic but the other guests / volunteers make it a warm communal area and the location is beautiful. Whilst it is easy to while away the days there are lots of projects to get involved in for those that are pro active and happy to lend a hand.

Megan, 31, from the UK.


Being a teacher in the UK, I was interested in coming to Butterfly to volunteer in the on-site primary school, Little Leapers. On arriving, I was made to feel very welcome and very quickly felt part of the Butterfly family. For a month I taught each morning and although at times it was challenging teaching in such a different setting , all in all I had a fantastic experience and really enjoyed getting to know Malawi outside the tourist bubble. I would definitely recommend Butterfly to anyone wanting to spend time in a beautiful, relaxing, friendly setting and use their time in Malawi to do more than just travel.

Jess, 27, from the UK.


Butterfly Lodge is a unique place which offers fulfilling community development projects. The experiences I have had in just 4 weeks have been very rewarding and one can’t help but enjoy the beautiful environment which surrounds us. Nkhata Bay is a very peaceful and relaxing town and the views over Lake Malawi are stunning. After volunteering on the many projects I have been involved with, it is so refreshing to have a dip in the lake in the afternoon. The lodge itself fosters a family feel between long term volunteers and travellers and it is a pleasure to spend time with everybody staying here. I would definitely recommend to anyone that a stop in Nkhata Bay and Butterfly is a worthwhile experience.

Richard, 23, from the UK.

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