Malawi Nkhata Bay Butterfly Space

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The ferry did not arrive – evidently it crashed last week and the old ferry was too slow so expect it when it arrives – maybe next week!!! This however gave me the opportunity to visit Butterfly Space and meet Alice.  Alice is a real wonder woman who has begun 4 schools around Nkatha Bay besides working in 11 initiatives including working with the handicapped, addictions, youth, permaculture and organic seed production etc. etc. I will give all her details in due course. She was busy painting at the school and I could visit her there or meet her later at her guest lodge YES she runs a guest lodge too. I opted for the latter not wanting to disturb her painting lesson only to discover on meeting her, with spots of paint in her hair and on her face that she had been painting the school, having completed another building of a new classroom.  I felt sorry that I had not gone there and helped.
I decided to stay and slept in a little upstairs cabin on the bank of the lake only metres away from the waters edge. What bliss.
Followed by a two day Nightmare BUS journey. At the highest possible speed along dirt roads, pot holes, as the road was still being made, bumped and bashed and even knocked off my chair several times.  I prayed for all those dear passengers longer than I have ever prayed.
Until I reached Morogora with great relief.
I add a few pics of my home and view from my balcony in Nkatha Bay

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