What It Was Like Volunteering In Malawi At Butterfly Space In Nkhata Bay

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HomeWorld TravelAfrica What It Was Like Volunteering In Malawi At Butterfly Space In Nkhata BayBy AnnieLast updated:April 30, 2021 SEE FULL BLOG POST HERE…. What It Was Like Volunteering In Malawi At Butterfly Space In Nkhata Bay SharePinShareTweetEmail If you’re thinking of volunteering in Africa, find out what it was like when we spent two months volunteering … Read more

The Best Things to Do Around Lake Malawi

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READ FULL POST HERE There are many thrilling activities to be enjoyed at the beautiful waters of Lake Malawi. Tourists from across the world visit Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, to have memorable experiences of activities that are inspiring and exciting around the vast waters. The following are some of the activities to enjoy … Read more

Malawi: collaborating with Butterfly Space, a community project in the small town of Nkhata Bay

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See full blog post here…… After spending about five days in northern Malawi , I reached Nkhata Bay, a town on the northwestern shore of the lake. There I settled in Butterfly Space, a lodge for travelers but also a project to try to contribute to the community in different ways. It is run by Josie and Alice, two English girls who … Read more


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See full blog post here…. THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE COMPOST TOILETS AT “BUTTERFLY SPACE” MALAWI July 29, 2018 The inside scoop & the local poop: I came to volunteer in Malawi for a few weeks seeking an experience that would let me immerse myself in a local area and local culture, get to know … Read more

Volunteer Blog Post – Rohan

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Volunteer Blog Post Written by: Rohan We’ve spent 2 wonderful weeks so far at the ‘Butterly Space Community Based Lodge’ and it certainly is a space that has an impact on you quite quickly. The journey to get here from Arusha, Tanzania took us over 4 days and close to 50 stifling hours on buses, … Read more