The Best Things to Do Around Lake Malawi


There are many thrilling activities to be enjoyed at the beautiful waters of Lake Malawi. Tourists from across the world visit Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, to have memorable experiences of activities that are inspiring and exciting around the vast waters. The following are some of the activities to enjoy on your next visit to the famous Malawian Lake.

Kayaking​ and Canoeing at Butterfly Space in Nkhata Bay

One of the most exciting experiences at Lake Malawi is kayaking and canoeing at the Butterfly Space in Nkhata Bay district in the northern region. The waters of Lake Malawi in this part of the country are very deep, making it a nice spot for kayaking or canoeing. Kayaking and canoeing take the guests to the traditional villages such as Usisya and Rurawe at the north of Nkhata Bay. In these villages, visitors enjoy participating in traditional dances like Malipenga dances. Kayaks and canoes can be hired at Butterfly Space with experienced guides who take the guests to different parts of the lake. It is quite exhilarating to ride the kayaks through the water waves. Feeding the fish eagle at Njaya Lodge is another memorable experience for visitors who love wildlife. There is a large population of African fish eagles in the islands of Nkhatabay district and visitors who come to the lake enjoy giving fish to the national bird. Apart from nestling in the islands and vegetation sites on the shore lands, fish eagles are also found in other more attractive places like the beaches at Njaya Lodge located along the Lake in Nkhatabay. It is a beautiful venture watching the eagles catching the fish being thrown to them. Other times, guests just watch the eagles flying over the waters and catch the fish straight from the waters of Lake Malawi.h

Party at Chikale Beach on Sunday

Every Sunday is a beach party day for the guests at Chikale Beach in Nkhatabay district. The beach at Chikale Lodge, located on the hills, provides an attractive setting for parties that invite both foreigners and locals from the surrounding areas such as Mzuzu city. There is music, food and cocktails during these parties and there is always a huge crowd on Sundays at Chikale Beach. It is located just a 10-minute drive from Nkhatabay town. The parties at this beach mostly end up with bonfire at night, and the music continues till the next day.

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