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See full blog post here…. THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE COMPOST TOILETS AT “BUTTERFLY SPACE” MALAWI July 29, 2018 The inside scoop & the local poop: I came to volunteer in Malawi for a few weeks seeking an experience that would let me immerse myself in a local area and local culture, get to know … Read more

Newsletter May 2020

A Volunteer Community Project in Malawi         A changing situation:           Covid-19 May 2020By Butterfly As many of you may have seen on our social media pages we unfortunately had to temporarily close Butterfly at the beginning of April.  With loads of cancellations for over the summer and an … Read more

Newsletter November 2019

A Volunteer Community Project in Malawi A busy year at Butterfly…November 2019By Josie Redmonds Hello to everybody from a sunny and hot Butterfly Space…summer is well and truly upon us and we’re excited to update you on what we’ve been up to this year!There have been some big changes here in the last twelve months … Read more

Newsletter December 2018

A Volunteer Community Project in Malawi A look back over our year December 2018 By Josie Redmonds I can’t believe we have come to the end of 2018 already and this is the first newsletter we have managed to upload, not for lack of trying.  It’s actually a combination of one Alice wrote in July and me … Read more

Newsletter April 2017

A Volunteer Community Project in Malawi Quarterly Newsletter April 2017 By: Josie Redmonds Welcome to another packed newsletter from Butterfly Space.  All the projects are going from strength to strength at the moment, it’s a really exciting time.  If you have ever thought about getting involved then now is the time.  The fact that we … Read more

Newsletter December 2016

A Volunteer Community Project in Malawi Quarterly Newsletter December 2016 By Alice Leaper I can only start with apologise to all the people who support, fundraise, pray and care for all the work we do out here in Malawi.  Having a busy year is not an excuse to not let you know our progress and … Read more

Newsletter December 2015

A Volunteer Community Project in Malawi Quarterly Newsletter December 2015 By Josie Redmonds Sorry for the delay in this latest newsletter but as we get more and more busy on the ground then there seems to be less and less time to document it all.  And of course the internet problems continue.  Never mind – here is a … Read more

Newsletter August 2015

Newsletter August 2015 By Alice Leaper Hi Everyone, I am writing this newsletter from England and after not being here for three years I have settled in just fine despite the rainy day I am writing from. I have loved the autumnal days that have past and seeing lots of people from England as well … Read more