Newsletter March 2022

Our renovations have continued from the bar’s new lounge area, to a revamped restaurant! With a brand new roof that has been extended to shelter more tables, it soars into the sky and lets in so much light….and the monkeys love it too! Friday has released a new menu for Mkana Cafe, with some tasty additions, like the breakfast wrap and tropical salad. Friday’s delicious cakes continue to help us relax after a long day and he has begun hosting cooking lessons in local cuisine which has been popular with the interns, because they LOVE nsima! Amanda has been helping Holly to develop the hospitality and service at Butterfly, improving the kitchen and bar’s customer service skills, running training sessions on cocktail making, and developing Friday’s management and marketing skills. Amanda has also been helping Butterfly develop its back of house organization and development, and is in the process of completing assessments to further develop the projects. We have also had George kicking Kandoli FM back to life after a long Covid-19 closure!

Monkey Business and Youth Club are back in full swing with loads of fun activites!
In the bar, DJ Mayonnaise has been busy introducing monthly open mic nights to showcase all talent around the Bay; singing, dancing, playing instruments, rapping, djing, comedy, theatre, poetry, film and anything in between. They have been a great success with talent coming from outside Nkhata Bay to perform🎤

Over the festive period, Josie and AJ were reunited for the school holidays, and joined by friends Annelies, Toz and Gome who came and lent a helping hand while Holly and Stefan were away. They shared great ideas and were all fantastic hosts; a big thank you and we loved having you here! They also helped to arrange boat trips, bbq’s and an awsome New Years party…with Drew Moyo, DJ Tino and Mona Lxsa all performing for a very full crowd🎉

As always, there are exciting times ahead!
Your Summer Volunteer Plans
Volunteer at Butterfly
We are always looking for volunteers to join our team! As summer draws nearer, there are many projects that are heading in exciting directions and would make the perfect sustainable vacation! Enjoying the crystal clear water of the lake while making an impact in the community is a great way to explore a new place, apply your skills in a developing country and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you or someone you know is looking into volunteering abroad, we have a variety of projects to get involved in, and we welcome any and all skillsets. Visit our website to learn more about Malawi and the projects you could get involved with at Butterfly Space this summer.
Pundu Disability Centre
Thanks to everyone that purchased one of our 2022 wall calendars, we were able to begin the final phase of construction for the Pundu Disability Centre. The process is currently in its first stage with the members of the disability group, along with family and friends, leveling the floor. The next stages will include paving the walls & floor and inserting doors & windows. With the building close to completion we are excited to begin training sessions in tailoring that will be put on jointly with Mpamba Disability Centre, which is also donating a sewing machine to the Pundu group. By offering training sessions in vocational skills, members of the disability groups are able to learn trades that will help them generate an income and live more independently. We aim to assist people with disabilities and their families to offer support, guidance, and access to education and information in order to create a culture of empowerment. We wouldn’t be here without all of your support! To find out about how you can continue to help Mpamba and Pundu Disability Centres, check out our Wish List or come along and share your skills with them!
MSPC Website Launch
Josie, Kate and the rest of the MSPC team are extremely pleased to announce that MSPC has officially launched its own website! A special thanks to our long term volunteer Luke who designed and built the site, finally bringing our vision to life🤩 and the input from our interns; initially our first remote intern last year George Goodall, and lately Sophie and Amanda for helping to develop the wonderful content! Going in hand with the website, an on-going fundraiser has been set up for monthly donations to help give us stability along with the launch of our Partner Programme, which hopes to link us with interested groups both in Malawi and worldwide. Follow the links to check out the new sites and find out more about these developments and how you can get involved.Website // FundraiserOn the ground it has been a busy term as the rains finally arrived in Malawi, late but thankfully as substantial as normal. The second term’s sessions are based around planting and the children tend their own garden beds as well as carry out larger projects of water management around the school. We love seeing photo and video updates through our WhatsApp groups. 
Thank you to all who continue support Butterfly Space in various ways.
We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support! 😀

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