Our Projects

Stepping Stones International Primary School

We believe in the diverse talents of every child, expecting hard work, kindness, and excellence in return. We support both fee paying and non fee paying students for fairer opportunities.

Malawi Schools Permaculture Clubs (MSPC)

MSPC empowers primary school teachers in rural areas to run after-school permaculture clubs. Each student works on individual permaculture plots and collectively they implement a school design.

Community Information Centre

A library providing information on health, nutrition, environment and business, offering IT lessons, and providing access to a range of educational resources using raspberri Pi technology which is loaded with educational software.

UJE Umampha / HIV Support

The Uje Umampha! (Be Well!) is a comprehensive programme which volunteers help to provide vital support for people living with HIV, providing education, knowledge, business opportunities and counselling.

Women's Groups

There have been many and varied women’s groups run by volunteers with skills they want to share. Butterfly is a space for the women to learn, advertise and sell their produce and gain further support

Butterfly Media Centre

A creative & dynamic space for Nkhata Bay's community full of media equipment & information, offering workshops & software to record & develop video & audio editing skills

Mpamba Disability Centre

A workshop and skill sharing centre providing opportunities, support and education for disabled adults around Nkahata Bay. A nursery school is also run by its members!

Baby Baskets for new Mums

Regularly delivering a hamper of necessities to new mums, meanwhile supporting Uje Umpampha (HIV) graduates, who weave the moses baskets to generate income

School Links & Teaching

Establishing links to support local school or children in the area, connecting them to schools around the world, fundraising to build new blocks, supporting sponsorships and school fees.

Youth Club

Located on site at Butterfly and run by inspiring and dedicated local youth leaders, we provide resources such as toys, arts, crafts, a playground and a small outdoor theater space.

Nursery Schools

Chingaluwe, Dindano and Gulugufe nursery's have been built for the community around Nkhata Bay district following various fundraising efforts, and continue to be supported by Butterfly Space.

Environmental Demonstrations

Providing a space for volunteers to support and implement different environmental demonstrations which can be taught to the wider community, and provide information about various topics and techniques

Permaculture School Gardens

An initiative to
introduce and implement permaculture principles to schools in the Nkhata Bay District, while linking them with other organizations like Scope and Africa Direct

Nkhata Bay Radio Initiative
Kandoli FM

A project preparing for Nhkata Bay's first radio station with a fully equipped studio, we have run many workshops to teach the community about journalism, recording, and broadcasting ready for live radio!