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Volunteering can be an enriching experience, helping you to connect with the world we live in, the community around us, and embrace a welcoming new culture, especially in the warm heart of Africa. Volunteering also gives opportunities to network, boost skills and make a tangible positive difference!

Nursery School, Butterfly Space, Nkhata Bay, Volunteer in Malawi

At Butterfly Space, we welcome all types of people with all types of skill sets from nursery volunteers to university interns through Roots Interns. We encourage volunteers to get involved in areas they are passionate about. We have several diverse projects running on the ground, and encourage volunteers to bring along their own new ideas too!

Take a look at our Projects page and the information below to learn about some of the volunteering opportunities that you can get involved in! 

Primary School Teacher or Classroom Assistant

Stepping Stones Primary School, Butterfly Space, Malawi, volunteering, kids, teaching, volunteer in Malawi,

Media Centre and Recording Studio Technician/Coordinator​

Kandoli FM Community Radio station, Butterfly Space Malawi, Volunteer

Permaculture School Clubs Development Assistant

Uje Umampha (HIV) Support Group Lead

Nursery School and Youth Club Assistant

Youth Club, Butterfly Space, Nkhata Bay, Volunteering in Malawi

Mphamba Disability Centre Volunteer

Disabled centre, mphamba, butterfly space, nkhata bay, volunteering in malawi

Environmental Demonstration Lead or Assistant

Malawi Schools Permaculture Clubs (MSPPC) Butterfly Space, Malawi, Volunteer

Community Radio Station Coordinator

Kandoli FM Community Radio station, Butterfly Space Malawi, Volunteer

Women's Group Initiator, Trainer & Coordinator

Uje Umpampha HIV support group, Butterfly Space

To see other ways in which you can get involved, follow the link below!

Although flexible, we encourage volunteers to stay for at least a month to maximize and enrich contribution and the overall experience. We provide all necessary information in a welcome pack full of travel tips and advice. More useful and up to date travel info can be found on including Covid-19 updates.

We may ask for assistance with more than one project, but we place volunteers where their interests and skills lie. If you would like to get involved with multiple projects during your stay let us know.

The ultimate aim is to benefit the community with ideas that will help their livelihood for the future. We value all types of skills no matter how great or small, and as long as you are passionate about contributing, then we would love to incorporate your ideas and skills into the projects and community here at Butterfly Space.

Stepping Stones Primary School, Butterfly Space, Malawi, volunteering, kids, teaching, volunteer in Malawi,

The Volunteer Package

Butterfly has put together a Volunteer Package which covers one month’s accommodation in our dormitory, a food allowance covering two meals and a laundry service, alongside project coordination and support. For a shorter duration, we can adjust the package accordingly. Upgrades to private chalets are also available.

In Your Spare Time...

Activities include organized boat trips where you can experience cliff jumping sites very near to Butterfly, learning to Scuba Dive at the local dive school Aqua Africa, hiring a kayak or trying out a traditional dugout canoe, arranging a BBQ on our private beach, having bongo drumming lesson, village hikes, yoga, parties on Sunday at Chikale Beach, pool tournaments, eating delicious food at Kaya Papaya, and much much more!

Our location is stunning with summer temperatures all year round. You can chill out anywhere around our peaceful grounds, take a dip in the lake, slackline, work out in our community gym or hide away in your secluded chalet or the media centre where you can access music, films, Ted talks and courses.

If you have any clothes that need repairing or you would like to get any clothing tailored from the local fabric, Chitenge, there are many talented locals that would be more than happy to assist.

There are also opportunities for lessons in the local language Chitonga and the more widely spoken language of Chichewa.

Donation Wish List

We usually have the necessary materials for volunteers to carry out projects, but if there is something specific you want to do, then some materials may need to be purchased before you arrive or fundraised for before you travel.

Volunteers should check out our Wish List for any donations that would be useful. Fundraising also benefits the projects you will work with and we undoubtedly appreciate it and always try our best to support these efforts.

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