A Traveler’s Guide to Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Malawi, Nkhata Bay: your next travel destination!

Nestled on the shores of Lake Malawi, Nkhata Bay is a hidden gem for travelers. The epitome of rural African charm, this small but lively town has a lot to offer its visitors with friendly locals and stunning natural surroundings. Plus, (one of its greatest boons) it’s home to Butterfly Space. 

In our (admittedly biased) opinion, Nkhata Bay is one of the best places to visit in Malawi and a must-see for all Malawi trips. In this blog, we’ll tell you why and explain how you can plan your trip. You’ll find out how to get from Lilongwe to Nkhata Bay, what you can do there, and our top tips for planning a trip to Nkhata Bay, Malawi.

Where is Nkhata Bay?

Situated in the North of Malawi, Nkhata Bay is rural but not remote. With markets, restaurants, and all the essentials, the Bay’s bustling center forms a hub for surrounding villages. The nearest town, Mzuzu, is less than an hour’s drive away and well-connected with bus routes to the border and Malawi’s major cities. 

In contrast to its vibrant center, the bay’s surroundings are incredibly peaceful. The town is framed by thickly forested hills and the clear waters of Lake Malawi. With secluded beaches reachable by boat and quaint hillsides to hike along, there is an abundance of natural beauty to explore. The tropical climate means it’s warm year-round too.

How to Get From Lilongwe to Nkhata Bay

To get to Nkhata Bay, Malawi, we advise flying into Lilongwe Airport. Then, to get from Lilongwe to Nkhata Bay, you’ll travel 6-8 hours by bus to Mzuzu, where you’ll take a short shared taxi for the final leg of your journey. It’s a full day’s travel altogether, but well worth the journey.

The town is also about half a day’s journey from the borders of Zambia and Tanzania. So, it can easily be accessed over land for any Malawi trips starting from these countries.

Why is Nkhata Bay One of The Best Places to Visit in Malawi?

People come to Nkhata Bay, Malawi, for all kinds of reasons. Essentially, all the best bits of Malawi trips can be found here. For that reason, it can be difficult to summarize why this town is one of the best places to visit in Malawi.

, you’ll love it here if you…

  • …Love nature. Explore beautiful surroundings with forested hilltops and Africa’s largest freshwater lake, all populated by an impressive cast of creatures. 
  • …Want to relax. Enjoy gorgeous lakeside beaches and get accustomed to the laidback way of life in rural Malawi
  • …Seek adventure – Get set for scuba-diving, hiking, boat trips, and more. 
  • …Are interested in African culture – Gain real authentic insight into the customs and traditions of Malawian ways of life
  • …Want to add to a meaningful cause – Contribute to a meaningful cause with the choice of volunteer opportunities in Malawi. You could volunteer with Butterfly Space, for instance.
  • …To meet a special breed of travelers

6 Tips for Planning a Trip to Malawi Nkhata Bay

1. When’s The Best Time of Year to Visit Malawi, Nkhata Bay

Truly, Nkhata Bay, Malawi, is a great year-round destination. The country’s tropical climate means temperatures remain high throughout the seasons. So, whenever you plan your Malawi trips, plan for sun and blue skies. 

We recommend avoiding the rainy season (Jan-Mar) but even then, the weather is mostly sunny, only interspersed with heavy rains. Those who don’t do well in the heat may also wish to avoid the hot-dry season (Sep-Nov) when temperatures average in the low 30s (℃).

2. Do You Need Travel Vaccinations For Malawi?

Yes, there are a few recommended travel vaccinations for Malawi. Obviously, we recommend seeking advice from a medical professional regarding which vaccinations to get. 

As a general rule, these are the main ones you need to be aware of:

  • Antimalarial medication – Malawi is a high-risk area for Malaria. Medication is readily available in-country but taking preventive measures against mosquito bites is essential.
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Meningitis – especially if traveling during the dry season (May to November)
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus, Dopthoid, and MMR – Always advisable when going abroad.

3. Do You Need a Visa for Malawi?

Do you need a visa for Malawi? Yes, most Western travelers will need a visa, but visa requirements for Malawi are minimal and it doesn’t cost much. 

Most visitors apply for the Tourist eVisa for their Malawi trips. This is easy to apply for online, typically takes one or two weeks to process, and costs $50. It permits you to stay for one month, at which point they can extend for a further two months at any local embassy. 

For those planning longer stays, the Tourist eVisa can then be renewed once further, granting another three months, which allows for six altogether.

The Tourist eVisa is also the best option for those planning to volunteer – no, you don’t need a work permit for voluntary work.

4. How Do You Pack for Malawi?

As a general rule, it’s best to travel light in Malawi. The bus journey to Nkhata Bay, Malawi, can be hectic, and heaving a mountain of luggage along with you can make for unpleasant Malawi trips.

Here are some of our general tips for what to pack for Malawi:

  • Lightweight clothing – The weather is hot and humid, so you’ll want light, breathable clothes, with good sun protection
  • Comfortable Footwear – There’s a lot of natural beauty to explore and you’ll want sturdy walking boots for it
  • Travel Adapters – Malawi uses UK plug sockets
  • Portable Charger – Power outages are frequent throughout the country. A good power bank can be a lifesaver.
  • Water Bottle – To stay Hydrated, carry a big water bottle!
  • Water Purifier – Tap water is unsafe to drink, and while drinkable water is readily available, your own purifying tablets or filtered water bottle can come in handy
  • Sun Screen – The African sun is strong so go for something with a high SPF
  • Insect Repellent  – Especially when traveling to high-risk areas for Malaria
  • A guidebook or useful blog on culture in Malawi – To familiarize yourself with local customs and etiquette

5. What currency is used in Malawi?

The currency in Malawi is the Malawian Kwacha. Thanks to a favorable exchange rate, tourists can enjoy a very affordable cost of living in Malawi.

At present, the exchange rate is about 2100 mkw to 1 gbp or 1700 mkw to 1 USD.

6. How Do You Travel Responsibly in Malawi?

Culturally, Malawi is a fairly conservative country with a largely Christian population. So, travelers should dress modestly to be respectful of cultural norms

Beyond this, remember that the people of Malawi face many hardships and that tourism forms a big part of the country’s economy. If you are able, seize opportunities to support local businesses and tip generously. Your business could make a huge difference for someone’s livelihood.

7. Where’s The Best Place to Stay in Malawi, Nkhata Bay?

When it comes to the best places to stay in Malawi, Nkhata Bay, there are plenty of options, but a standout winner. Come to Butterfly Space.

Our cozy, shoreside, eco-lodge offers comfortable accommodation options ranging from luxury cabins to budget-friendly dormitories. Guests can enjoy the finest food in Nkhata Bay from our local-run, onsite restaurant, Mkana Cafe. We also have a waterfront bar, a private beach, and kayaks, and SUPs to rent.

Best of all, staying at Butterfly grants the opportunity to volunteer for valuable community development projects. From permaculture clubs to disability support centers, we have a range of opportunities where you can work alongside Malawians to help them build a brighter future. 

What’s more, Butterfly Space operates as a social enterprise. This means all the profits from the lodge either go back into the business or into the multitude of projects we run and support in the area. So, even if you don’t volunteer, you’ll still be contributing just by staying with us. 

8. What’s There to Do in Nkhata Bay, Malawi

There are a plethora of activities and day trips available in Nkhata Bay, all run by local-owned tourism companies. Fortunately for you, Butterfly Space Eco-lodge is well-connected and can help plan all your excursions. 

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a few things you can do in Malawi, Nkhata Bay:

  1. Island-hop with Boat Trips – Board a boat from the bay and sail across Lake Malawi. Explore Likoma and Chizumulu islands or opt for a fishing trip. 
  2. Scuba Dive in Lake Malawi – Dive the Depths of Lake Malawi, one of the world’s top freshwater dive sites, and swim with over 850 species of cichlids in calm clear water.
  3. Relax on The Beach – Relax on the lakeside beaches of Lake Malawi in Nkhata Bay. Try snorkeling, paddleboarding, or joining a volleyball game. Or just sunbathe and relax.
  4. Take a Hike – Explore the stunning surroundings of Nkhata Bay. Follow local trails through tea plantations, forests, and villages to hidden waterfalls or hilltops with scenic views of the lake from elevated points.
  5. Get Into Your Crafts – Browse local markets in Nkhata Bay for souvenirs crafted by talented local artists, or opt for a more personalized experience by buying Chitenge fabric and having something made by skilled tailors.
  6. Enjoy Malawian Hospitality – Get lost in the hustle and bustle of Nkhata Bay, Malawi. Meet friendly locals at markets, restaurants, and bars, and learn about life in Malawi.
  7. Volunteer for a Meaningful Cause with Butterfly Space, Nkhata Bay – Make a positive impact by volunteering through Butterfly. We support community-led initiatives, ranging from local schools to disability centers and permaculture projects.

When Will You Make It to Nkhata Bay, Malawi?

Nkhata bay Malawi-sunset over Lake Malawi

At the start of this guide, we described Nkhata Bay, Malawi, as a hidden gem. This isn’t quite accurate. It is a veritable treasure trove for travelers of all kinds. 

With untouched natural beauty waiting to be explored, a lake’s worth of activities and adventures beckoning, and welcoming locals ready to become your closest friends, this town provides all the best of what Malawi trips offer and more.

Having read this blog you now have a better idea of where NKhata Bay is and what makes it one of the best places to visit in Malawi. By following the advice in this guide you can plan a jam-packed trip that fits in all of the town’s greatest highlights. If you want to enjoy the best Malawi, Nkhata Bay, be sure to come stay with Butterfly.

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