Butterfly Media Centre

Media Centre and Recording Studio Technician/ Coordinator​

With a recording studio, editing & production software, camera’s, voice recorders & more, this is a creative space for anyone wanting to get involved & teach their media skills to our community!

Since it opened in April 2012, the media centre has become a creative dynamic space for the Nkhata Bay community. It consists of two rooms full of media equipment and information which is free to use for the local community. It comprises of a recording room with microphone, mixer and laptop and a larger room stocked with a projector, radio and computers for editing.

The recording room is full of equipment for the community to record original music along with being able to practice mixing music as well. Some of our past volunteers taught the first ever Malawian’s to mix music at Butterfly! It is truly inspiring to hear new sounds emerging from the recording room and it is full most days with musicians coming to record their talents. We have previously run workshops to teach local children to DJ, using up to date software on the computers that are available for public use.

Matthias Stalnake of ‘Spare Dog Records’ has produced albums for several artists from Nkhata Bay and got them performing at the Lake of Stars and festivals in Europe, including local musician Gasper Nali, who performed at Glastonbury Festival as part of his European tour! Quite a difference from Nkhata Bay!

A more recent volunteer set up a new page on our website called Nkhata Bay Talent, to give artists an online presence, whether it be a blog or an Etsy site, to create an extra platform from which to showcase themselves.

In the main room, the community can learn journalism, music, film and photography editing. We have basic equipment for people to use and worksheets for people to work from, although hands on teaching from volunteers and people who are experienced would make it the best from what we have to offer. We have equipment for students to use such as a video cameras and voice recorders; perfect for anyone interested in making films or wanting to practice journalism.

Recently,  a set of music workshops are being facilitated by rising artists from the central and southern regions; Chmba, Ishan Cyapital and Martin Anjelz to teach budding young producers, songwriters and DJs the skills they need to take their work to the next level. At the time of writing, we are looking for funding to support these workshops, please see here for more details: Go Fund Me for Music Workshops

Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Volunteers can offer photography, videography or animation workshops, providing Photoshop lessons,  courses in photography/ film making etc, and show the community how to use a media equipment for example, camera’s, voice recorders…A previous volunteer Mike, from A Million Smiles project worked with kids and is encouraging them to use his project as a platform for their photography.
  • DJ’s or music producers can run workshops and teach their skills.
  • Use the projector to show and promote weekly educational films and inspiring TED talks to the community.
  • Continue to link with media colleges and universities Worldwide to attract skilled volunteers here to develop the skills in Nkhata Bay and keep this space dynamic.
  • Service, maintain, improve and fix equipment in the centre.


If you would like to donate to this project, please see our Wish List for the things we need which would benefit our school! Thank you!