Local Artisans
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Chabwella's Shop

Chabwella is a local jeweler and carpenter, who uses his shop and workspace to support his community by running vocational workshops for people living with disabilities and albinism. He teaches tailoring, joinery, carpentry and jewelry making. He also runs a small garden, growing tomatoes and other vegetables! We encourage tourists that visit Nkhata Bay to leave their sunscreen and sun hats at his shop to support his project, and to browse through the beautiful items available to buy.

hand crafts by alex

Alex - Handcrafts

 Alex is a multitalented member of our community. He makes hammocks and jewelry; teaches handcrafts and tailoring to widows; works with people with hearing impairments; helps run our team of lifeguards; connects sponsors with children lacking the means to continue their education and works with Greenspark to plant mooring trees in the area! Amongst all of this, he is also a teacher of Chitonga, Chichewa and Chiyao. He inspires all of us to find different ways to be involved in our communities.

rasta kelvin

One Love Cafe

Kelvin’s One Love Cafe is the first cafe on the hill and is popular for its simple yet delicious meals paired with the endless wisdom he has to offer on the Rastafarian way of life.

He also sells carvings and handcrafts, including the Djembe drums, which are sought after by many visiting Nkhata Bay. Kelvin offers drumming lessons and workshops, carving lessons and even cooking classes if you want to learn to make his delicious chapati. One Love is definitely worth the visit! 

bamboo shop

Bamboo Shop

Machine is a highly skilled artist who specializes in working with wire and beads. After selling his art in a small stall at Butterfly Space, he toured Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia selling his unique style of jewelry. 

After a brief stint in the Netherlands, he has returned to his beloved Nkhata Bay, and you can find him just by the bridge in town after the police station. Bamboo Shop sells other beautiful handmade gifts including jewelry, carvings and paintings.

Local Musicians
gasper nkhata bay musician

Gasper Nali

Gasper Nali has become Nkhata Bay’s own Internet phenomenon. The video of his song ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ has received more than 1 million views on Facebook & YouTube.

Gasper toured Europe in 2018, playing at events including Glastonbury Festival! He has since returned to Nkhata Bay to live a quiet and modest life in his hometown. We are lucky to have him perform here at Butterfly Space!

michael mountain nkhata bay musician

Michael Mountian

Michael Mountain – or Mountain Mike as he sometimes goes by – is a reggae artist and small-scale farmer. The front porch of his small house in the remote village of Viboko is his favourite place, where sees life from a different point of view, and puts his reflections into song. Michael often performs in local lodges, and sells CD’s of his albums to those that feel connected to his music.

tonga heritage

Tonga Heritage

Tonga Heritage’s songs are a mix of traditional Tonga songs and original material, often describing life and customs in the village. The music is a blend of Tonga drumming rhythms (that goes with the Malipenga dance) and more modern genres. The song writer and driving force in the band is Chapasi Black, who is an accomplished percussionist with an unmistakably unique vocal style, along with a sense of the traditional and serious pop-sensibility. The music is simple and straight forward – catchy with a contagious beat, but at times also layered and complex in rhythms and harmonies.

black c

Black C

Black C grew up spending day in, day out honing his music production skills in the Butterfly recording studio. Currently in his 20s, he now has a small home studio which is frequented by local rappers and singers and he has been heavily involved in music workshops hosted by Butterfly since 2021. The artists who led the workshops were impressed with his homegrown, self-taught talent!

We have plans to improve and enhance our community recording studio in the Media Centre at Butterfly along with the studio at Kandoli FM, to inspire more local talent’s like Black C.

Talent & Community
massage butterfly space lake malawi

Massage Therapy

A successful Women’s Group project, run by professional masseuses, trained several local women the art of massage. You can come to Butterfly for a massage any day of the week, or book by calling Butterfly Space Reception on WhatsApp at +265 999156335. They charge a small fee and offer neck, back and shoulder, or full body massage at varying time lengths.

make peanut butter

Homemade Peanut Butter

Another successful Women’s Group project held at Butterfly Space taught a group of women how to make delicious homemade peanut butter. It is crunchy, healthy and for sale here at the Lodge. This income helps widowed mother Christina, pay for her children’s school fees. If there is none in stock, be sure to order some to take with you when you leave!

sports coach nkhata bay lake malawi

Youth and Sports Coach - Martha Chinyanja

Since 2009 Martha has been working on a completely volunteer basis to teach young people how to play football and netball, while doing counselling with teenagers to help keep them focused and having fun.

Martha is also the front woman of Jah Family Band, participates in and leads boxing lessons and tournaments, runs youth workshops, and now leads our on-site Youth Club! She is a positive and active member of our community, and an inspiration to women and girls of all ages!

See what an inspired traveler wrote about Martha below…

Life gaurd - nkhata bay - lake malawi

Nkhata Bay Lifeguard Team

The program started in December 2015 with a mission to provide safe and secure beaches for all to enjoy, and as far as we know, they are the only lifeguard team in Malawi!
Lake Malawi has an extensive coastline and  is estimated, by World Life Expectancy Organization and WHO, that the number of deaths due to drowning is 2000-3000/yr in Malawi alone. The group has received funding and support from the surrounding community as well as from the District Commissioner of Nkhata Bay. If you have any lifeguard or first aid experience, we would love to share your ideas and knowledge to the team and encourage this fantastic project to continue!