Mphamba Disability Centre Volunteer

Anyone with vocational skills is welcome to share them at this vocational centre. You could assist their nursery school or develop their restaurant! Medical professionals are also highly valued, where you can help support in the community.

Built in 2008, Mpamba is a workshop space and centre for disabled adults around Nkhata Bay. Many people with physical disabilities are disenfranchised educationally in Malawi so we have built the centre to help educate and support these adults through learning new skills.

Mpamba is located 10kms from Butterfly. The group comprises of people who are deaf, blind, polio victims, people with prosthetics, people in wheelchairs and other disabilities.

The centre is a hub for all members in the district teaching skills such as tailoring, catering, teaching and building. The catering group offers a restaurant service with prior notice for large groups and the tailors make uniforms and bags for tourists. The physically disabled adults have also started a nursery class in the workshop teaching non-disabled children. There are many opportunities for volunteers at Mpamba.

Volunteering at Mphamba

It will be essential to make and initial visit to orientate and liaise with Patrick who is central to the workshop.

  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists are welcome to offer members, and the rural surrounding community consultations, referral exercises and medical advice. There is a need for home visits and help to get free government assistance, and access to essential transportation to facilities. Liaison with these government providers is essential and sometimes impossible for the group to access themselves.
  • Any volunteers with other qualifications and/or existing or new skills that you could teach and benefit the group, for example, tailors, builders, carpenters, chefs, and caterers etc, would be beneficial at Mpamba to extend and develop skills in these vocations. New ideas, or practices for skills training that have business income-generating possibilities would be more than welcomed to create a better space to support the disabled people of Nkhata Bay, a space that has been inspired by ‘Neema Crafts Centre’ in Tanzania.
  • Building maintenance and fundraising can help provide new equipment for their skills workshops, renovate their building etc


If you would like to donate to this project, please see our Wish List for the things we need which would benefit our school! Thank you!