Stepping Stones Primary School Teacher or Classroom Assistant

Whether you’re a qualified teacher, or it’s your first experience working with children, we have an opportunity for you from sports workshops, special needs assistance & teacher training!

Opened in 2016, Stepping Stones International Primary School is unique in Nkhata Bay and is based on a belief in the diverse talents of each child. We expect hard work, kindness, and excellence from them in return. Stepping Stones provides rigorous academic training, a high standard of education and culturally responsive programming. Children from disadvantaged circumstances learn alongside more economically privileged peers and learn together with the support of our international volunteers and talented Malawian teachers. The curriculum is a combined English and Malawian and reflects principles of holistic education: art, sport, music, drama, agriculture, field trips, community involvement, etc.

The student body at Stepping Stones is half fee-paying and half non-fee paying or sponsored students. In other words, for every fee-paying or sponsored child, a spot opens up for a child who cannot afford fees and would not have the opportunity otherwise. The free places are based on need, results, and family background. We also provide free daily lunches to our free students, sometimes their only good nutritious meal of the day.

Construction is underway for our new building which will be a fully equipped vocational learning block, to teach and support those who struggle with the Malawian curriculum, and want to build practical skills for their future. An exciting opportunity for many! 

Supporting Stepping Stones can be expressed in different ways. Firstly, we are in great need of qualified teachers to offer training to our local teachers and to support progressive education. But any volunteer at the school can help learners with English literacy and reading, teach them their talents or inspire them through their background. Stepping Stones promotes uniqueness and welcomes open-minded thinking. We are certain you have something special that our students would benefit from.

Secondly, by sponsoring a student, you allow us to continue assisting our community by accepting more free learners. Sponsoring can range from school fees to daily lunches, to school supplies or clothes.

Thirdly, even as a sustainable charity school, we depend on donations to make us different from other schools. We need support from donators to grow, to build new blocks or to acquire new materials. Fundraising for the school is always appreciated.

Volunteering opportunities and positions at Stepping Stones Primary School

– If you are a qualified teacher: 

– Take a significant role by offering training to our local teachers and by supporting progressive education.

– Prepare lessons and support their deliveries. 

– Setting improvement plans for learners with difficulties.

– Take responsibility of a class for a specific subject. 

  • If you are not a qualified teacher:

– Assist teachers in preparing the lesson and teaching students. 

– Help learners with English literacy and reading. 

– Help with specific lessons in different subjects as Maths, Science, Arts, Geography, Language, Physical education, Life skills or Agriculture. 

 – Teach small groups of learners with difficulties. 

– Pass on any of your unique talents to the next Malawi generation of leaders. 

  • Arts

Put in place any artistic projects (drama, songs, dance, music, paint, etc.). You can use our hall and stage! 

  • Library

 Improving our impressive library by adding and categorizing more books. 

Improving our library environment with your creativity or any of your ideas. 

  • Lunch Program

We are feeding an impressive number of students with daily nutritious food. You can help us to improve and diversify our meals, or support our kitchen staff. 

  • School Ground

Enhance our school ground with permaculture, gardening, landscaping, playground, sports ground, etc. 

  • Communication & Administration

We are in need to improve different communication tools. Whatever it’s with posters, handouts, social media, website. 

Help promotion by taking pictures of our school or our students. 

There is always a need to support the headmaster with various administration tasks

– Prepare lessons and support their deliveries. 

– Setting improvement plans for learners with difficulties.

– Take responsibility of a class for a specific subject. 


If you would like to donate to this project, please see our Wish List for the things we need which would benefit our school! Thank you!